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Mechanical Engineering

With over 25yrs experience in this field i am confident i can accommodate any Mechanical Design you require. From complex high speed machinery to a simple fabrication i can help, experienced in many Software packages including Solidworks, Autodesk Inventor, Pro E and many more.

Overview of Mechanical Design covered:

  • Special Purpose / Bespoke Machinery
  • Product design
  • Mechanical / Material Handling
  • Pipework Skids / Systems / P&IDs
  • Structural Steelwork
  • Sheet metal Design
  • Fabricated components
  • Welded assemblies
  • Platforms / Walkways / Gantry

3D Design

I offer a variety of 3D CAD design services ranging from conceptual 3D modelling through to full Engineering Design giving deliverable's of 2D engineering drawings, 3D CAD files for CAD/CAM machining, or even files for 3D printing and rapid prototyping. With years of experience with many companies using the latest globally used, 3D Design packages of Solidworks and Autodesk Inventor, for which i am certified professional. This knowledge of the software inside out, means a fast and efficient Design Service.

I can quickly turn your concepts and ideas into a visual reality, perform stress analysis, putting your design through product life cycles before a part is even made.

3D Design software has grown to be essential tool for every small manufacturer to large multinationals, and is proven to reduce design time, manufacture time and reduces costly errors.


2D Design

Have the 3D data but struggling to get the 2D drawings produced on-time? or simply need Technical Drawings quickly using Autocad, then get in touch, i can produce 2D Technical Drawings, Assembly Drawings, Parts-Lists and Presentation or Exploded Diagrams. All drawings can meet BS8888 or your own company standard. 

And with experience of over 20 yrs in Design, from drawing board fundamentals, to Autocad Mechanical Desktop and now to the latest 3D CAD Packages, your in safe hands.


Simulation CAE / FEA

Through the process of 3D modelling simulation we will test every aspect of your design through Digital Prototyping / Simulation (CAE). Mechanically this can identify areas of stress, buckling, and other risks; to which we will provide design solutions utilizing FEA (Finite Element Analysis). 

Simulating your designs before a part is made can save you time and money, and give you confidence the design is sound. This process is proven to work from stress loadings on a structure to simulating operating limitations of machinery.

CAE simulation covers many disciplines including:

  • Mechanical Stress Simulation
  • Thermal & Fluid Flow Simulation
  • Heat Transfer Simulation
  • Drag Reduction

Get in touch if your design would benefit from these simulation techniques.


2D - 3D Conversion

Have an existing design on 2D drawings only?, then we can convert that design into 3D for you, quickly and efficiently.

Many of our customers who have years of PRE-CAD design data still only have the hand drawn 2D drawings. This can not only be risky but also a time consuming method when the data is needed.

Others have a mix of drawings and 2D Autocad.

We can take your valuable data and create the 3D parts & assemblies, not only giving you the security of an electronic record but also giving you the flexibility to re-create new designs.

2D to 3D conversion

Rendering & Product Visualization

We understand the difficulties that your engineers and technicians often experience when presenting to your sales teams, potential clients or investors. Rendering is a natural extension of 3D Modeling, presenting PHOTO-REALISTIC images. This means that the use and unique benefits of your designs are highlighted, and show your products in different environments.

Rendering your product will give it an eye catching realistic feel, perfect for sales brochures, manuals and presentations. It makes your job of selling much easier, giving you and your clients greater confidence.

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